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Small Rainbow Geode




These beautiful rainbow geodes have so many beneficial properties it’s insane! First and foremost these geodes embody the power to enhance your intuition & psychic abilities! This Geode is perfect for spiritualist who do spiritual practices daily. Rainbow Geodes are the perfect gem to use during meditation the beautiful colors within this Geode will soothe your mind and allow you to focus more when you meditate. These Geodes are also perfect for manifesting your deepest desires!

This product is also a great decoration piece while also providing you with protection, peace and balance. You can carry this with you to your work space and sit it on your desk for mental clarity, you can sit it on your dresser at home to bring a peaceful feel to your sleeping space and you can also sit this in your car for protection while you drive! This product will also assist with the clearing of all 7 of your chakras and it helps to cleanse old/negative energy. This Geode is also known to enhance creativity, communication, joy and happiness! Treat yourself and your altar to this spectacular piece!

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Weight 1.4 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 9 in